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Elite Survival Tips – Number One Stay Alive

Elite Survival Tips

survival hut

Starving and difficulties are not a big problem anymore whenever you are if you can follow this survivalist. You will get ready to learn the way to keep survive in every condition especially by notice the list to do. you still can survive and stay calm without worry to get starve or die because wherever you are, you have the great preparation, especially related of the weather.

What will you put on the list? Well before we get into that you should really consider buying a good military watch that holds up in all the weather. You will need this for many reasons. 

Some places need your consideration like camping zone and another outdoor places. You can make a decision before you go and it is no matter where you want to go. Choosing the simplest way is can be done by bringing instant foods like instant noodles, cornet, and cereal. You should bring the direction like maps because it is good for you to notice the direction on the emergency situation.

You can challenge your ability to make the fire and cook something whether it is only leaves, but everything is simpler by survivalist. Put your cooked food on any plate or something similar as it to boil the leaves. It is good if you can find water because it is a life source. You can boil it with the leaves. It is good if you know more of the leaves type because not all of them can be eaten.

How if you get lost in the sea? It is time for you to make the grilled fish. Follow the survival tips on the sea which is simpler than forest, especially jungle. No big danger on it. you also can catch the fish or squad. if you are lucky to get it and grill it. whatever the taste of it, it keeps good and tasty.

It will be different story if you are on the camping ground. It must be full of preparation and the survivalist will help you to arrange everything. You can get everything which is not as many as the non-planning adventure. You still have to minimize your bag by bring something important and useful like a stove. You can make it by yourself using the firewood, but do not forget the utensils and keep it in your survival pack.

If you want to use this theory, you should learn first. You can learn about using leaves and put your rice on it. you also can put your fish on it and eat them on the top of the leaves.

Survivalist is not only about stay away from starving, but more than it. find the water from any source because keep the water with you because it is the source of life. It is good to bring a jar if it is possible. you also find the water source around your position now. You can live without food, but you cannot live without water. this is one of the important thing you have to notice. You should notice the importance of water for you to stay fresh and do the right metabolism. Survive on metabolism process become another story to discuss carefully. Pee is can be done anywhere but pooping is not. You need to be careful with the wave and everything around you if you want to poo on the river or even in the middle of jungle. You can ask your friends for the help to protect you during your metabolism process.

One thing you can eat is cassava. you can find cassava or anything around you when you get stuck of the meal or finding the similar things as it like sweet potato. The process to make it is simple because you only have to boil it until it is cooked well. No more things to doubt then. You should remember it that many things can be eaten as long as it comes from our nature and they are the living organism. make sure if it is cooked well before you eat. You can explore another substitute meal rather than cassava. Not only the fruits, you can eat the leaves too and many fruits you can explore around your survival place. Remember to make the survivalist.

You can try to have something more than meals if you get your list with you. You can learn survival activity like arrow, climbing, hunting, and another activities to help you stay survive. survivalist gives you the survival tips without you have to ask it. keep yourself strong and follow your heart about anything you have to know about staying survive.

What do you think about make sure you are on the safe zone? It is goo to find the team with you and not staying alone. Just make sure you have done your list and make sure you find all your need. Recheck again your need and recheck again your list. What would you like to do with the list?