When Does Hunting Season Start

Hunting Season

There are some factors that determine question when does hunting season start, especially hunting fish or fishing. Therefore, I will discuss it now. The first is about temperature.

Fish are cold-blooded animals so that the water temperature will control body temperature of fish and will determine when to foraging, when the sun is very hot fish will swim in finding a cooler place, so also when the water temperature is pretty cold water fish will find a place in shallow areas with warmer temperatures, so the temperature of the warm water will make more aggressive fish, the water temperature of the most good for fishing between 26 to 29 degrees.

The second when does hunting season start is rain. Rain can be a friend or our enemy when fishing, when the rain was, our movement will not be seen by the fish in addition to the water temperature will be warmer, it will affect the fish activity more aggressive, especially when we are fishing in the river or lake, light rain will bring insect eggs that will be a small fish food.

However, when it rains heavy enough, it will be really bad especially for sea fishing, because the sea water salinity levels will be reduced, so the fish will swim deeper. When we are fishing river during heavy rain conditions, when does hunting season start would also make it difficult for fish feeding even the rain will also cause water to become cloudy conditions because the rain will bring mud from the mainland.

The third is wind. Wind direction and wind speed affect our comfort when fishing in the sea where the current position of the wind against the current, would cause the vessel very difficult to anchor, in addition to the flow of the waves also will more quickly so easy to cause seasickness, although the waves were not high, especially when the wind hit ship from the side of the ship when aligned with the flow.

When the wind blows from the west and south, it is the best time fishing at sea when does hunting season start. When we fish, we should throw bait in the lake in the direction of the wind because the wind will takes the eggs of the mosquito eggs or insects that feed small fish.

The fourth is current. Current velocity also has important role when fishing at sea, when a strong current of fish small fish will hide behind the rock, so the big fish will not so aggressive in search of food, moreover, we will also be difficult to lower the bait right spot, because the strings we will continue driven currents, we even had to wear a lead / tin heavy enough so that the bait is not easily swept away.

When the flow of dead fish will be very slow even very little activity that is done, this is due to lack of oxygen arising from the movement of water currents of when does hunting season start. The best time fishing at which time the current position is not too strong or too weak even no flow or so-called oblique currents, to determine the flow prediction we can see in fishing calendar that includes current condition though it is not 100% right

The fifth is storm. If there is a storm-tossed sea high waves fish activity will be reduced even though the fish are not going to give up looking for food, but after a storm passing fish will tend to be more aggressive foraging, besides storm with waves high enough to be harmful to us while fishing, we too will be very uncomfortable in when does hunting season start, if a storm should we seek shelter as soon as possible, because safety should be our priority, if the storm had begun to subside we can maximize the time for fishing because the fish will tend to be more fierce.

So, the conclusion is to determine the best time of fishing, we can notice about the moon phases, season fish, wind direction and speed of currents, and the most important is weather related to wind speed and wave height for the sake of our common salvation, many applications or websites about the prediction month, wind speed, currents, and wave heights may be our benchmark to determine the best time when does hunting season start.

Elite Survival Tips – Number One Stay Alive

Elite Survival Tips

survival hut

Starving and difficulties are not a big problem anymore whenever you are if you can follow this survivalist. You will get ready to learn the way to keep survive in every condition especially by notice the list to do. you still can survive and stay calm without worry to get starve or die because wherever you are, you have the great preparation, especially related of the weather.

What will you put on the list? Well before we get into that you should really consider buying a good military watch that holds up in all the weather. You will need this for many reasons. 

Some places need your consideration like camping zone and another outdoor places. You can make a decision before you go and it is no matter where you want to go. Choosing the simplest way is can be done by bringing instant foods like instant noodles, cornet, and cereal. You should bring the direction like maps because it is good for you to notice the direction on the emergency situation.

You can challenge your ability to make the fire and cook something whether it is only leaves, but everything is simpler by survivalist. Put your cooked food on any plate or something similar as it to boil the leaves. It is good if you can find water because it is a life source. You can boil it with the leaves. It is good if you know more of the leaves type because not all of them can be eaten.

How if you get lost in the sea? It is time for you to make the grilled fish. Follow the survival tips on the sea which is simpler than forest, especially jungle. No big danger on it. you also can catch the fish or squad. if you are lucky to get it and grill it. whatever the taste of it, it keeps good and tasty.

It will be different story if you are on the camping ground. It must be full of preparation and the survivalist will help you to arrange everything. You can get everything which is not as many as the non-planning adventure. You still have to minimize your bag by bring something important and useful like a stove. You can make it by yourself using the firewood, but do not forget the utensils and keep it in your survival pack.

If you want to use this theory, you should learn first. You can learn about using leaves and put your rice on it. you also can put your fish on it and eat them on the top of the leaves.

Survivalist is not only about stay away from starving, but more than it. find the water from any source because keep the water with you because it is the source of life. It is good to bring a jar if it is possible. you also find the water source around your position now. You can live without food, but you cannot live without water. this is one of the important thing you have to notice. You should notice the importance of water for you to stay fresh and do the right metabolism. Survive on metabolism process become another story to discuss carefully. Pee is can be done anywhere but pooping is not. You need to be careful with the wave and everything around you if you want to poo on the river or even in the middle of jungle. You can ask your friends for the help to protect you during your metabolism process.

One thing you can eat is cassava. you can find cassava or anything around you when you get stuck of the meal or finding the similar things as it like sweet potato. The process to make it is simple because you only have to boil it until it is cooked well. No more things to doubt then. You should remember it that many things can be eaten as long as it comes from our nature and they are the living organism. make sure if it is cooked well before you eat. You can explore another substitute meal rather than cassava. Not only the fruits, you can eat the leaves too and many fruits you can explore around your survival place. Remember to make the survivalist.

You can try to have something more than meals if you get your list with you. You can learn survival activity like arrow, climbing, hunting, and another activities to help you stay survive. survivalist gives you the survival tips without you have to ask it. keep yourself strong and follow your heart about anything you have to know about staying survive.

What do you think about make sure you are on the safe zone? It is goo to find the team with you and not staying alone. Just make sure you have done your list and make sure you find all your need. Recheck again your need and recheck again your list. What would you like to do with the list?

Elite Camping Gear List – Check Before Hitting Wilderness

Elite Camping Gear List

Are you ready to camp? Or are you ready to challenge yourself outside? Before you go, it is good if you have the well preparation. One of it is preparing the survival gear list. You can check the good one from one store to another store. Which one that has the good quality? What do you need to put on your list?

How many bags will you bring? You have to prepare your clothes, meals, and bathing tools. It is good to put them separately in your career. You do not need to worry about anything else like difficult to find what your need because everything is simple on its location. In this case, survival gear list can be one thing that could help you on preparation.

You can get the affordable gear on Amazon. You also can check its originality by read more of its specification. Grab your note and make your survival gear list. If everyone can get in used with it, you also can do that. The original one usually can be found easily on its official website. It is your turn to find the best brand ever.

You can check your gear first although most of it has the same content inside. you can analyze its function based on its size and shape. You should be smart to differentiate the function and everything about it during your adventure. If you think you do not need flashlight or gear, just bring it. more than only gear is also needed. For example is the knife that usually, this tool is the most important tool to bring anywhere you are. Gear just help you in certain case. All you have to know is only about its size, shape, and another function about it.

What will you get any more from survival gear list? There will be too many things to describe, for example is one of it provides you the sleeping bag protection. It depends on the type and kind of the pack you choose to RGE gear. it becomes the great thing to have a sleeping bag with you when you want the one that completes in everything.

Usually the pack will prepare all your need starting from your cooking equipment, safety tools, and sleeping tools and all of them need the function of the gear. it could be possible to have it in a pack too whether if you want to have the bath equipment. everything is simple now because we know that everyone should stay survive. It is also you! Many survival companies are trying to catch the production of this gear, especially for the adventurer. It is your time to have the simple adventure because everything is on the gear.

Do not doubt about anything anymore. Let yourself to start to browse everything well. You can read the customer reviews about any brand. Check the specification before you decide to buy it. everyone has their own favor, especially about the survival gear list colors and more. It is also happened to you. You can buy directly from its company shop t make sure that you get the original one. you do not need to buy from the distributor or general adventure shops then because you can buy it on its brand shop.

Check the availability of it in your country and your city since adventure becomes the famous activity to do, so it will not difficult to find. To stay survive is a great life learning. When the bad things happened, we do not know what will happen in the future, so it is better for you to keep bring your survival pack anywhere you go. Make sure the gear is with you.

Elite Conclusion

You also have to make sure that everything with you is the simplest thing to notice, especially when you know how to use the gear on the right proportion. What do you have to consider anymore? Bring your survival equipment now and make sure you are ready to your best experience! What are you waiting for now for your new experience in certain period? What are you looking for anymore? Let grab everything fast and get the special price with you!

Elite Hunting Equipment You Need To Carry

Elite Hunting Equipment

Well, here is the elite hunting equipment that you need to carry anywhere without distinction of any weather. Indeed sunglasses can protect you from the glare of the sun, but did you know that the snow reflects 80% of the ultraviolet light which can damage your eyes? For those of you who want to vacation in places like the snowy mountains in Papua, make sure you also bring sunglasses.

Not only that, you can use sunglasses to protect you from dust when you’re driving. You can also prevent headaches and migraines with sunglasses if the weather is scorching hot.

One kind of hunting equipment for fishing is the reel. Conventional spinning reel when we do throw is unlike the spinning reel. reel conventionally have a system drag stronger appeal spinning reel, and lighter when in rolls with weights, because the strings are out of the reel directly not through the line roller, in addition to the system also parallel. It is suitable for fishing in deep water, but reel conventional harder in use by beginners, especially the temple of casting, because if the current throw spool reel rotates faster than the strings will happen.

This would be very bad because it takes even up for hours to open tangled knot on a string that has accumulated in spool reel as hunting equipment, until the worst possible thing you have to cut your strings some meters. Where is the friend who is near us had managed to raise a few fish. For this you can use the controls with your thumb to press the reel spool so that the strings will be stopped out and would need special training on this to really be able to use it.

In the temple of casting reel knob settings are usually found to slow the spinning reel spool to reduce the risk of course affect throwing distance. Reel temple of casting can be used for multiple techniques of hunting equipment like overhand throws, side arm, or underhand, not all of which can be applied on a spinning reel.

A good drag system is also supported with materials that are good so it is not easy to heat while fighting a fish in a long time. There are two types namely the spinning reel and reel like a temple conventional casting and overhead, there is also a special reel for fly fishing.

Spinning reel is perfect for beginners because of how it’s used, including quite simple, you just open the bail arm holds the strings with the index finger, then throws, even with the bait as hunting equipment very mild, it is certainly applies to the tackle set the balance, but on the level of accuracy reel temple casting will be much better. Your thumb will act as a control on the temple of casting reel when throwing.

Regarding supplies and food but we can prepare from home, we can also utilize the natural world around us, which of course, we must equip ourselves with knowledge where trees or fruit that are toxic or harmful and which can be consumed by humans.

Besides, the use of nature is not limited to food, but also as a direction or navigation. Example of navigation pointer as hunting equipment according to nature is to look at the sun as a pointer towards the west or east, or can also use a star or constellation where activities carried out at night. Knowledge of navigation with the use of nature can be done with the technique of countering or simpler direct field observation techniques, such as pins or natural objects such as hills, rivers, large trees that we can remember as a sign.

Another example is the natural mapping through ant or insect nests are usually located to the west of the trees, trees debt usually tend to gravitate towards the east, the crowns of trees or branches thicker typically western side of the tree.

Sign as hunting equipment is sometimes also man-made, such as graves which determine the direction of the north and south, mosques to determine west and east, and many other examples, all of which were through observation and experience of the man himself.

So little reviews about equipment and fixtures in hunting that might be a consideration buddy all in all outdoor activities, which need to be considered here is safety first and willing umbrella before it rains term. All the victories and success require a preparation. Thank you. Hopefully there are benefits for you.

Elite Techniques For Hunting and Fishing

There are various techniques of fishing and hunting that of course with equipment that is different, ranging from the lowest price, the middle class to the most expensive. Of the price difference is of course offering different qualities. We often encounter the use of fishing equipment at cheap prices. There are various kinds of constraints, such as the rod for example, is too heavy, the quality of your ring is easily corroded, or make fast strings broken, even broken when the fight with the fish. Likewise with middle-class fishing equipment of course directly related to the strength and durability as well as comfort. Fishing and hunting equipment is certainly going to create confusion, especially for a beginner to determine, let alone the increasing number of fishing equipment manufacturer manufacturers competing in the market.

Hunting & Fishing Elite Guide

Here is a guide to choose a fishing pole for beginners who might be useful. Before choosing a rod at least you know what techniques you use or what kind of fish would you hook. In the blank rod manufacturing output is usually already in included information on the length of the rod, the action and that the recommended lure weight. Assuming the rod would be maximized for use in the size range. As long rod, the longer rod will further the distance throws at yield, while the short rod for fishing and hunting will be lighter when we fight with a big fish. Of the two categories above we can conclude where the rod is suitable to use either from shore or from a boat, or a rod which is more suited for casting or popping and more suitable for jigging or heavy foundation.

Long rod will be difficult for us when fishing in a place where there are many impediments to throw, to note also the place where we fished either on the boat or in the open. Some other factors that could also be a consideration, among others, heavy, character, and quality of the rod guide ring. Weight rod for fishing and hunting will reduce our comfort while fishing, especially when we do a popping or casting all day, certainly heavier rod makes us tired so that trip we be not optimal, is different when we are fishing techniques or the colonies where the rod we can put in the rod holder or lips vessel.

Rod made from carbon is lighter and has better sensitivity unfortunately less resistant to impact, or when stepped on, so that it can result in broken when hitting the fish. The fiber rod tends to be heavier even though the price is cheaper. Characters of rod for fishing and hunting are very important to coordinate with the target fish to be our fishing rods, when our great fishing or casting with lures heavy rod stiff would be our choice, but when we get a small fishing or casting with lures lightweight rod with smooth character that be our choice, because it may be more pronounced when the smaller fish grabbed the bait, even when the fight with a small fish may be more pronounced sensation. Similarly the bait is light enough to be more difficult when using a rod with a stiff character.

There are some models of rod for fishing and hunting. They are rod without the connection, connect the two, and dial three. Certainly they have their advantages and disadvantages. The rod without the connection is stronger compared rod connecting two or three, but the rod connection will be easier for us when it took him when he went fishing good use car or plane. Lifting power, lifting power rod is different from the action rod, lifting power rod is divided into 3, fast taper, medium and slow taper. Ring guide, the better is the more expensive of course, in addition to the material that is not easily rust, quality ceramics also have differences. Ceramics for with good quality will not break strings when in use.